Want to Keep Your Seat At The Table? Change Your Vocabulary

In the rough-and-tumble world of corporate America, senior PR
execs should consider themselves fortunate if they can win that
proverbial seat at the table. But with many CEOs still skeptical as
to PR's inherent value, communication execs often have a tough time
keeping their seats. Gaining media exposure is one thing, but the
real hook for PR managers is to show C-level executives that you
can speak -- without hesitation -- their language of dollars and
cents. Speaking CEOs' language is probably not something that was
taught to you in communications courses but the current climate
(and jobless economic recovery) demands that PR execs change their
verbiage when it comes to dealing with the boss. For some pointers,
PR NEWS asked contributing editor and management consultant James
Lukaszewski to weigh in on this growing aspect of corporate