Video Pick: Paula Deen’s Today Show Non-Apology

It's been a little more than a week since we learned about Paula Deen's damning deposition, in which the food queen uttered the ‘N’ word. As a result, Deen's "sweet grandmother" image has suffered irreparable damage. She's lost millions of dollars, sponsors like Walmart and Ceasars Entertainment have dropped her and her show on the Food Network has been cancelled.

Deen appeared on the Today Show Wednesday morning to defend herself, and things didn’t seem to go well. She focused too much on the damage inflicted upon her from the scandal, and didn't spend enough time atoning for the remarks and actions (plantation wedding, anyone?) revealed in the deposition.

Do you think the Deen interview was a success or failure and how would you have advised her?

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  • Unbelievable

    I think she tried to stay on message, Matt kept trying to redirect. I hate Matt,,,what an ass. All the business stuff was because
    Matt kept pounding. Think he is going to find that viewers dont like his hard nosed style with Paula. First of all there is not a person alive who hasnt said the N word…OMG. She said it about some dude who had just held a gun to her head. Get real. And it was 30 years ago. Who cares. The media is driving this one. All she can hope for is some bad event to occur the will shift attention. Hang in there Paula.

  • Heather in Canada

    Dear Unbelievable,
    I’ve NEVER used the “N word” in all my years.