Video is Still Not a Big Enough Part of PR (Infographic)

Most PR pros (79%) agree that video is not being used nearly enough when it comes to content. However, according to a recent survey conducted by PR News and PR Newswire, that is about to change.

Mixed-media strategies will play a key role in PR in 2014 and beyond. To illustrate that fact, here is an infographic that breaks down the survey’s recent findings.

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  • Coherent Media

    Too often digital video as a rich media stream is not sufficiently integrated into communications workflow processes and consequently organizations are unable to obtain maximum value from all the media inherent within digital video. Projects often focus only on a specific finished video clip when an important part of the process should be considering how to maximize the value of all of the media within the raw video shot for the finished clip organization-wide to improve the cost vs impact ratio of the project. We have produced technical videos for use for training that have seen internal media usage by marketing, PR, online, in presentations, displays, social media, etc., as a result of our planning and approach.

  • Mike Edgell

    From our experience producing video content for brands and agencies, a lot of organizations are realizing video is ‘hard to do.’ It’s visual. It’s exposed. You can’t hide inexperience. You can’t re-write it like a press release. We’re often sent links to branded content that is making the rounds, and it is often perceived as “run and gun, just run out there with a camera” But I can tell you a lot more skill and craft goes into what you’re seeing than you think. Pick up a camera, let it rip and let me know how it goes; )

    And by quality, I don’t mean polished per se. I mean the quality that goes into the storytelling, script writing, production planning, wardrobe, shooting, editing….

    Mike Edgell
    www 76brandfilms com

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  • Corey Petree

    I agree completely with both Mike and Coherent Media. It’s up to us as video professionals to educate PR pros and agencies who may not be aware of the tremendous rewards of well-made, thoughtful video that’s thoroughly integrated into marketing and PR plans.

    Video assets be a content gold mine; many different videos can be edited from a single shoot, for instance, reducing costs for each subsequent production that uses footage from that shoot.