U.S. ‘Alpha Females’ Choose Smartphones Over Sex

Case for Mobile PR Outreach: America’s “Alpha females” can’t live without their smartphones. When asked what they couldn’t give up for 30 days, this essential lifeline—her smartphone (41%)—trumps morning coffee (14%), makeup (7%) and yes, sex (4%). So says an April 2012 What Women Want Survey by Ginger Consulting, which also finds that Alphas (America’s most influential, ahead-of-the-curve women—those who are six months to two years in front of market trends) are spending more after years of tightening the purse strings. Study highlights include:

  • Alpha women also chose sweating (exercise 26%) over sweets (2%) and social networking (1%).

  • 54% of Alpha women surveyed said they’re planning for a vacation or new furniture splurge, and more than 25% report their personal economic state has taken a turn for the better over the past year.

  • Alphas say they’re adding everyday luxuries back into their lives. New apparel for the season tops the list of additions (38%), followed by stress-busting spa services like massage (22%), eating out more (15%) and gym memberships (10%).

  • Some luxuries cut during the recession won’t be added back in by Alphas, including upgrades to basic cable, coffee-shop coffee, salon hair color and nail salons.

Ginger Consulting 

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  • Tracy

    How did this survey determine which women are alphas?

  • Sheree

    I think I’m glad that I’m not an Alpha.