Twitter’s Vine Could Have a ‘Reel’ Impact on Your PR Program

Adrianna Giuliani

Adrianna Giuliani, senior VP, creative and strategic planning at DeVries Global, says content must stand out from the social media clutter. Otherwise, the content will have been done in vain. Giuliani will discuss content creation within the social sphere at  PR News' Big 3 Digital PR Conference, set for April 18 in New York City. She’ll be a panelist for the session titeld, “Must-Have Social Tools for Your PR Toolbox.” We recently caught up to Giuliani and asked her about new social platforms and Lady Gaga, among other things.

PR News: How has social media changed the way communicators engage with audiences?

Adrianna Giuliani: The biggest change in communication today is that consumers can talk back to brands, making their sentiment and opinions loud and clear. Smart companies will listen to their feedback. Brilliant companies will act on it.
PR News: You'll be addressing Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter at the conference. What other social platform should PR pros keep an eye on and possibly experiment with?

Giuliani: As brands look for ways to create more micro-content in real time, Vine is an interesting place to play since it marries immediacy with very short form content. With the volume of content that is being produced, brands will need to think about their overall presence across social a bit differently. Going forward it will be more important to be native to a user and enhance their digital experience versus disrupting it.
PR News: We hear you've given presentations on what brands can learn from Lady Gaga. What's one lesson brands can learn from Gaga?

Giuliani: The best thing Gaga does is celebrate her fans. From delivering pizza to people waiting on line to see her perform to creating a unique term of endearment that shows affection for her 'little monsters,' she understands that, even if you are on stage, your fans are always the stars.
PR News: What is one tip you'll impart to our Big 3 audience?

Giuliani: It seems the biggest buzzword in marketing and communications right now is 'content.' When brands develop content they should stop thinking about what their direct competitors are doing and start thinking about their real competition online— the endless stream of articles, Instagrams, blog posts, tweets and status updates that are capturing the attention of their audiences.

Hear Giuliani and other social media experts from brands such as Whole Foods Market, Capitol One and Zumba Fitness at the PR News Big 3 Digital Conference, set for April 18 in New York City.


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