Twitter Update Brings Periscope Videos into iOS App


If you've been ignoring live streaming, you may not be able to avoid it much longer.

A new update for Twitter on iOS being rolled out over the next few days (Android and web updates coming soon) makes watching Periscope broadcasts an in-app Twitter experience. Whereas previously you needed to download the Periscope app and build a list of accounts to follow, this update will eliminate the need for a separate app entirely: Live video will autoplay within tweets, and a tap of the finger will make the video full-screen.



According to Periscope, there have been more than 100 million broadcasts since the app launched in March 2015, but as we noted recently, there are still people trying the relatively new Periscope for the first time every day. This may be the moment when early investment in Periscope pays off for brands that have been getting comfortable with streaming video: They may be about to get a much bigger audience, and they're going to be ready for it. But it's still possible to catch up quickly if you've been dragging your feet, since the technology learning curve is quite shallow.

For extra guidance, Periscope will be one of the topics addressed at the upcoming PR News Social Media Summit in Huntington Beach, CA, Feb. 26, where Michael Delgado of Experian North America and Ed DeRosa of Churchill Downs will address how to use Periscope to broadcast your organization’s internal culture, launch products, generate awareness of advocacy campaigns, broadcast at live events and more.

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