Turn the Page

Content marketing is a catch-all phrase for producing editorial-based content and getting it to the right consumers. But brands are having a tough time making it work. Here's what PR pros can do.

It’s one of the rich ironies of the digital age: Print media are shrinking, thinned out by the ongoing shift to online media channels. At the same time, PR and marketing agencies are starting to adopt many of the tenets that have fueled print media products for decades: pay close attention to your audience, tell an interesting story, keep the stories flowing and stay flexible editorially.

Content marketing is the umbrella term for the trend, of course. But what it’s called is not as important as PR pros’ ability to commit to producing high-quality, editorial-based content. The transition continues to be a challenge for many brands and organizations, which are conditioned to selling rather than sharing a story.

PR execs and communicators can’t be deterred, however. More and more people consume media differently these days and want their interest piqued before they even consider becoming a customer.

Below are tips from the world of magazine publishing to assist with your content marketing strategy.



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