Effective Communication To help Slow The Slowdown. As companies shrink in size in anticipation of a waning economy, communications employees should work to boost morale
- and preserve a company's positive brand identity, according to David Dell. Dell is director of research for the Conference Board, a New York City-based business research
association, which recently released a study on corporate branding. Dell says if communications employees don't work quickly and effectively to convey the benefits of layoffs (for
example, how downsizing preserves the bottom line and therefore the jobs of employees who aren't terminated), then companies risk hindering the short-term productivity of
employees still on the payroll. Such action could improve a company's brand identity, Dell says. Employees can be effective ambassadors for a company's brand, he says, because
they are the ones in most frequent contact with customers and suppliers. (Davis Dell, 212/759-0900.)