Some static about the effectiveness about Audio News Releases
(ANRs). A new survey of 50 randomly sampled newsrooms in the
nation's top 50 markets says that 96% of newsrooms use outside
sources as part of their newsgathering and air these sources in
their news nearly five times a day. The study, conducted by News
Generation, refutes a separate survey released late last year
showing that 80% of radio station executives said they never or
rarely use ANRs for stories that make it on air. (See PR NEWS, Nov.
10, 2003). The News Generation study found that while only 19% of
surveyed stations said that they rarely use canned audio, each
station said they would use such audio in a breaking news story or
when they would be unable to get the audio elsewhere for a story
they're airing. Debra Murphy, a consultant to Tobin Communications
Inc., which conducted the study now being refuted, told PR NEWS its
study echoes the News Generation survey in that, in the case of
breaking news, radio stations are generally receptive to ANRs with
a timely hook. The bulk of news releases and stories being pitched
to radio, however, don't qualify as breaking news.