PR News/DS Simon Online Video Survey

1. What areas of Web 2.0 are you looking to actively use for your organization or your clients?

Blogs 77.2%

Online video 71.7%

Social media 70.3%

Podcast/vodcasts 58.4%

Webcasts 54.5%

Twitter 44.1%

Video blogs 24.3%

Internet media tours 23.8%

No response/other 3.4%

2. Are you using these tools internally or externally?

Both 52.0%

Externally 42.6%

Internally 4.0%

No response 1.5%

3. How important is it to reach Web influencers as part of your earned media strategy?

Important 39.6%

Somewhat important 30.2%

Extremely important 27.2%

Not important at all 3.0%

4. Which of the following are important to your earned media strategy?

Newspaper Web sites 76.7%

Web media (MSN, Yahoo News, ?, WebMD, etc.) 75.7%

Magazine Web sites 66.8%

TV station Web sites 47.5%

Radio station Web sites 36.1%

None of the above 1.9%

5. What ways do you think online video can be most effective as a communications tool?

Direct to consumer ?communications 60.9%

B2B 20.3%

As an internal/training tool 17.8%

No response 1.0%

6. Are you looking to create the ability to utilize Web 2.0 in-house, or partner with an outside resource?

In-house 53.0%

Work with a consultant to set it up, ?and give me the tools to then ?do it in-house 24.8%

Outside resource 21.8%

No response 0.5%

7. Which of the following did you utilize more this past year than in 2007?

Social media 55.4%

Blogs 52.5%

Online video 48.5%

Podcasts/vodcasts 28.2%

Twitter 26.7%

Webcasts 19.3%

Video blogs 9.4%

Internet media tours 4.5%

No response/other 3.1%

8. Which of the following will you be including in your 2009 communications plans?

Blogs 74.3%

Online video 72.3%

Social media 71.3%

Webcasts 51.5%

Podcasts/vodcasts 49.5%

Twitter 45.0%

Video blogs 28.7%

Internet media tours 21.8%

No response/other 2.5%

9. What will be your most important need for video in 2009?

Online video 27.7%

Viral campaign 21.8%

Corporate communications 13.4%

Targeted placement 7.4%

Earned Web media 6.9%

Webcasts 5.4%

Video blogs 4.5%

Internal communications 3.5%

Earned broadcast media 2.5%

No response/other 6.9%

Source: PR News/DS Simon. Based on 202 responses.

For more on this survey, see the January 5, 2009 issue of PR News.

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