NonProfit PR Awards: Media Relations Campaign: >$50,000 Budget

Campaign: NHLBI’s Pounds Lost Weight Loss Study: A Diet for Media Success

Winner: National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute & Ogilvy Public Relations

To stress the importance of the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute’s core message—how eating a heart-healthy diet is key to losing weight—the organization tasked Ogilvy to conduct media outreach and obtain maximum exposure for the findings released in its Pounds Lost study in February 2009.

To disseminate the Pounds Lost findings, the agency worked to identify and reach the top influencers in traditional and social media. Spokespersons like NHLBI director Dr. Elizabeth G. Nadel, as well as two study participants, were recruited to appeal to both science and consumer media.

In addition to creating press releases that would translate the complex data into reader-friendly language for journalists, the team also compiled a B-roll package that showed participants engaged in the activities encouraged by the study. A multimedia news release that included interviews with Nadel and others further distilled the release for a variety of media.

The Pounds Lost campaign reached an audience of 190 million across all platforms. Just hours after the findings were released, they appeared in outlets such as AP, Wall Street Journal and NBC’s Nightly News.

Honorable Mentions:

American Legacy Foundation & the ad*itive: Truth Orange Summer Tour 2009—This year, truth continued its use of traditional TV advertising with its “Do You Have What It Takes?” campaign, grassroots efforts like the “truth trucks” and an intensified social media presence on the major sites.

DCI Group/The Stafford Foundation: The People’s Inaugural Project—The Stafford Foundation anonymously purchased the JW Marriott’s $1 million dollar inaugural package with plans of hosting an inaugural event for hundreds of underprivileged Americans. DCI worked with numerous media outlets to ensure optimum press coverage of the event, which included an exclusive story in the Washington Post.

Community Food Bank/Coyne PR: “We Can’t Let This Bank Fail!”— Coyne PR created a pro-bono campaign to save the CFBNJ from closing in the midst of the downturn by landing longtime CFBNJ supporter and rock legend Bruce Springsteen as the image of a PR and print ad campaign.

Office Depot Foundation: 2009 Office Depot Foundation National Backpack Program Media Relations Campaign—This year, the foundation hosted or participated in 25 different “Back-to-School Backpack Celebration” events across the country, which led to 300,000 backpacks being distributed.

Shedd Aquarium/PCI: Shedd Aquarium: Operation Oceanarium—The team helped to reinvent Shedd’s image for the reopening of the 3 million-gallon Oceanarium; as a result Shedd saw over 1.8 million attending during 2007, and 42,000 guests visited for the grand reopening celebration.

Siemens Foundation/Weber Shandwick: Beyond the Classroom: Siemens Foundation in the Spotlight—Weber Shandwick helped to increase coverage for the Siemens Foundation by more than 20% through a series of media days for Jim Whaley, president of the foundation.

US Rice Federation: Grown in the USA—To promote awareness about the U.S. rice industry, the team conducted aggressive, multi-tiered media outreach, which resulted in 62+ million media impressions.

YMCA of Greater NY: We’re Here for Good—In 2008, the YMCA embarked on a campaign to help New Yorkers live healthier, more meaningful lives; it included association-wide programs and activities targeting all age groups.