Product Launches: 10 Tips For Success

Here are 10 tips for product launch success. These are practical suggestions for media relations pros from BurrellesLuce.

1. Survey the landscape. Determine how your new product or service will fi t into the competitive scheme. Start by asking yourself: Who are your main rivals? How are they promoting their version of the product or service? And what makes your offering stand apart?

2. Look beneath the surface. Take the time to understand your potential client base. As part of that process, identify “the need behind the need”—the impetus motivating each prospect to seriously consider your product. This approach can help ensure that you will reach the most appropriate audience.

3. Think like your prospects.
You may decide that the key attributes of your new product are “speed” and “affordability.” Your prospects, however, may be thinking in terms of “personal empowerment” and “ease of use.” Therefore, be sure your positioning aligns with the value proposition of potential clients.

4. Map out your media-relations channels. The nature of your product, the characteristics of your target audience, and the campaign objectives of your company will dictate which media outlets are likely to be most receptive to your messaging.

5. Don’t forget the social media. Bloggers, social networks and online communities are all part of your audience.

6. Seek a helping hand. Let’s face it: Sometimes we all need a little help to get the ball rolling. Don’t be afraid to ask for assistance from qualifi ed external resources, such as public relations and marketing fi rms or freelance writers.

7. Test your ideas. Conduct a beta test or form a user group with some of your current clients and prospects. These are proven ways to accurately predict whether your campaign will have a good chance of hitting its mark.

8. Key in on coordination. The success of your launch hinges on the smooth integration of its various promotional and logistical facets. To reap the rewards of your efforts, pay close attention to the details.

9. Ready. Set. Go! Now that you’ve done the essential preparatory work and have solidifi ed your strategy, your next step is to release the product.

10. M&M: Monitor and measure. The only meaningful way you can gauge the impact of your product launch is to thoroughly track the coverage in all forms of media, measure the results, and compare the numbers to your established benchmarks.

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