Quick Study: High Cost of PR Metrics; Social ROI Murky; Social Moms Big on Banks; Site Redesigns Planned; WOM Silenced?

â–¶ Measurement Proves PR Value at a Price: Executives expect PR professionals to provide measurement illustrating the impact of their work on business outcomes. However, many are hindered by the high cost of measurement tools and lack of resources, according to a 2011 measurement and practice survey by Wallop! OnDemand. Other findings include: • 44% of PR pros surveyed feel the C-suite does not recognize the value of PR. • 83% of those surveyed consider measurement a “must-have” tool that helps to prove PR’s business contribution. • 3 out of 4 surveyed say that cost greatly inhibits measurement abilities. • 55% of those surveyed aren’t measuring and analyzing PR results. Source: Wallop! OnDemand â–¶ Social Marketing, ROI Unclear: A 2011 report by Forrester Research suggests that while more companies are investing in social and mobile initiatives, return on these initiatives are unclear. The report indicates that while social marketing entices consumers to stores, it is then the physical store experience and product appeal that spurs a sale. Other findings include: • 91% of retailers currently have a mobile strategy or are developing one. • 72% of retailers plan to increase spending on social networks this year. • When looking at returns on social media initiatives, 62% of retailers agreed results are unclear. • 21% of mobile traffic comes from tablets. Source: Forrester Research â–¶ Brands Benefit from Mother’s Touch: Social media moms are endorsing brands—banks in particular—as they test new products and share experiences with friends, according to new consumer connection data from Motista. Specific findings include: • 53% of social media moms are likely to forward information about their bank, compared with 10% of non-social media moms. • Social media moms are almost eight times more likely to try mobile banking than non-social media moms. • 35% of social media moms say their bank helps them express who they are, whereas only 14% of non-social media moms feel this way. • 40% of social media moms and 21% of non-social media moms believe that their bank helps them to be a better parent. Source: Motista â–¶ Digital Marketing Is the Future: A 2011 study by Adobe Systems reveals that nearly three-quarters of businesses will invest in Web site redesign over the next 12 months. iPhone apps are the most planned digital marketing strategy, followed by iPad apps and advertising on social networking sites. Other findings include: • 39% of survey respondents ranked multimedia product viewing (images, video, audio etc.) as “very effective.” • 36% of respondents ranked the display of product information on mobile devises as “very effective.” • Serving impressions in social networking sites is the highest planned execution, at 25%, in the digital advertising category. • Tools for measuring social ROI is the top planned execution, at 21%, in the analytics category. PRN Source: Adobe Systems â–¶ WOM Hurt by Recession? Americans have cut back substantially since 2008 on the opinions they share by word-of-mouth (WOM) about companies and their offerings, a study by Colloquy finds. Of 3,295 U.S. consumers surveyed, 58% said they often have conversations with family, friends and coworkers about products and services they’ve used—a decrease from 73% when Colloquy posed the same question in a 2008, a 20% drop-off. Other finding include: • 57% of respondents say they often recommend products and services to others, compared to 75% in 2008. • Of respondents who report their households are doing better economically this year than last, 71% say they often have conversations with others about the products and services they use. • Among those who see themselves as worse off, 56% have brand conversations and 55% say they make product recommendations. • 74% of respondents who see their own financial outlook brightening say they have conversations about products and services, versus 55% for those who see their financial outlook worsening. Source: Colloquy

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