Top-Level Job-Hopping: The Ultimate in Strategic PR

Why and how do senior communications execs make the bold decision to change jobs? Let us count the ways. Big moves can be sparked by entrepreneurial urges, environmental preferences, curiosities
about emerging marketplaces, workplace frustrations, burnout, personality matches, the desire to change the world, and, of course, money. PR NEWS caught up with four major players who recently
made significant shifts. Our mission: to find out what motivated them to move on, and how they feel about their decisions in retrospect. Are you weighing the merits of your current employment
situation? Watch for ongoing profiles of executive career moves in upcoming issues. Have you made an interesting career shift of late? Tell us your story. Contact Jenny Sullivan (301/340-7788, x2098, or Patience Wait (301/340-7788, x2032, Inquiring minds wanna know.