Throwing a Big Bash: Tips for Engaging Partygoers

Nick Ziebarth, director of events and client services at event management company Revolution—which helped launch Shape ’s Bikini Body Tour—explains how the behind-the-scenes workings of an event can have a major impact on resonating with attendees.

Know your local area: For each planned space, you need to know your local authorities and the ordinances they enforce. “These are the group of people who can give you the yay or nay,” Ziebarth says, so tread carefully.

Direct the crowds: While the event had an MC, Revolution developed a straightforward signage plan. “So many times you go to an event and there’s just so much going on that, even if there is an MC, it’s hard to pick up what they’re talking about right at that moment. So having event signage splattered all over helped to direct people,” Ziebarth says.

Train the staff: “We spend a lot of time with our staff for each of these events,” says Ziebarth. “We had 50 to 60 staff members on site, and it’s important for them be able to explain to participants exactly what’s going on over the course of the day.” Revolution trained managers the day before the events and other staff early the morning of, not only telling them what was going on that day, but “making absolutely clear the overall goals for the event,” says Ziebarth.

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