This Just In…

  • The Worldcom Group, the largest international network of independent PR firms, adopts uniform management standards governing business plans, financial systems,
    campaign evaluations, client satisfaction, service delivery, consistency and training/development. Epley Associates founder Joe Epley is elected chairman of 91-member organization
    for a two-year term.

  • Marking the anniversary of the Columbine shootings, the Internet PR service TellThemNow. com coordinates an online debate on gun violence. Participants include James
    Brady, the NRA, a handful of gun manufacturers and various advocacy organizations.

  • A report issued by the Conference Board and other groups offers case study evidence that three-pronged alliances among businesses, nonprofits and government entities stand
    the best chance of remedying social ills. The study comes on the heels of an April 5 Amnesty International report that warned corporations that their human rights stances would
    have a long-term impact on global reputation and performance.

  • Jay Poole is named VP external affairs at Philip Morris...Victoria Feldman is promoted from executive VP to president of KWE Associates. Founder Karen Weiner Escalera
    becomes chairman and CEO.