The Right Stuff

Despite the fabled dotcom "collapse," many traditional magazines found a companion presence to their print pubs on the Web in the past year. Sister pub min Magazine assessed
the Web's offerings and announces min's "New Media 50," in the current issue, an eclectic group of sites that are successfully putting the magazine industry online. A sampling
from the top 10 includes: 1) Subscribe Here -"Model of the Year"; 2) AOL Time Warner - The portal for one-third of Web traffic; 3) Tom Rogers - "Mr. Nice Guy," Primedia's CEO; 4) - Turning a magazine into a tech licensing engine; 5) Martha Stewart - OmniMartha, the new model for cross-media publishing; 6) - McGraw Hill's
exemplary business portal; 7) The McKinsey Report - This study rules on the Web; 8) Traditional Advertisers - The same ad sectors that built radio and TV will turn the Web into a
media gold mine; 9) Yahoo! Internet Life - The most successful translation of a Web brand to print; 10) Consumer Reports Online - More than 500,000 subscribers pay for content