The PR Counselor Search: Go Beyond the Rote Interview 

As the leader of Epley Associates, a PR agency that existed for 37 years—from 1968 to 2005—Joe Epley, now an independent PR consultant, was a big believer in finding well-rounded, strategic thinkers for his staff. So much so that he and his senior counselors came up with what is known as the “Epley Test,” which goes well beyond the “what is your biggest PR challenge?” query. Here’s a short sampling of the writing portion of the test:

You have just had a preliminary meeting with Redwing (the new CEO of Pottery Works). He is having a meeting with some of the company’s senior staff in about an hour and wants you to do the following:

  1. Draft the three lead paragraphs of a news release for the area’s news media on Redwing’s appointment as CEO.

  2. Draft an introduction (no more than a page) for the president of the Rock Hill Chamber of Commerce to use in introducing Redwing at a board of directors meeting.

  3. Draft a rough outline to how you want to approach the overall program for Catawba Pottery Works, and be prepared to brief the board of directors. Keep in mind this is a new business, i.e.,one that needs all the attention and support it can muster.

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