The hardest part about working in PR is…


Let’s face it. Public relations is no joke. In fact, sometimes it can be downright mean. You wake up early, you go to bed late, half of your vacation time is spent on email. It’s not pretty. But we all do it, and continue to do it and be inspired.

i-love-pr-coolerWhat inspires PR communicators? Perhaps it’s about knowing that you’re not in this alone. Communicators across the spectrum experience the same trouble you do. We asked our social media followers just what the hardest thing about public relations is for them. And we got back some good answers. Perhaps you can recognize your own pain points on this list.

‏@HasanZuberi - it's almost impossible to explain what's a ROI.

@brittlesser - the unpredictability of the news cycle.

@McCons - 'explaining what you do' or 'no it's not like marketing'

@TammyPRlady - Not being the editor any more!

@hartkepr_ - explaining the importance of social media.

@AaronWagner_ - creating content that cuts through the clutter and reaches audiences.

@victoriaa_renae - Keeping up with changes in social media to effectively reach and engage with your audience in new and unexpected ways.

@sunnyside306 - battling misconceptions about the industry, quantifying the impact & sticking to the agreed SOW.

@IgnacioDuelo - measuring.

Please chime in @PRNews if you have anything you would like to add to this list. Let's keep the conversation going.

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  • HartkePR

    Where can we get that mug? We love PR.

  • GGPR

    Dealing with unreasonable requests from clients.