The Fickle Consumer

The list of brands with the most positive investment potential includes some of your most valuable organizations. But those same companies are vulnerable to changing consumer tastes.

The Twists and Turns of Consumer Sentiment: Coca-Cola and PepsiCo are in decline when it comes to how brand reputation drives investment potential, according to data tracked by brand consulting company CoreBrand. Other household names, such as Hershey and Hormel Foods, are also on the wane. It’s a testament to changing consumer sentiment, which seems to be accelerating exponentially amidst the digital onslaught. “This may indicate an important inflection point that the Consumer Staples sector has maxed out,” said Jim Gregory, CEO of CoreBrand. Of course, said brands aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. The test is how these companies respond to changes in consumer sentiment, and how effectively PR managers communicate the responses. PRN

Data Points

METHODOLOGY: CoreBrand conducts a continual benchmark tracking research study called the Corporate Branding Index, consisting of 1000 companies across 50 industries in the U.S. The research is conducted among a business-leader audience, with 10,000 telephone surveys completed annually. Measures of “Favorability” are determined by asking about three attributes: overall reputation, perceptions of management and investment potential. Only those who are “Familiar” with the companies are asked these questions.

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