The CEO in Transition: The 100-Day Cycle and Other Survival Patterns

Even before the corporate scandals that shook the nation last
year, the CEO's term had been on a downward slope. Jim Lukaszewski,
founder and chairman of the Lukaszewski Group Inc., which
specializes in crisis management, pegs the CEO life span at around
32 months, giving CEOs "a year to find the bathroom, a year to get
something done and a year to build a legacy," he says. "If they are
there longer than three years, I call it the 'immortality
syndrome.'" A major reason why so many CEOs get shown the door so
quickly: failing to live up to promises they made at the outset.
Another reason is that CEOs tend to think 10 minutes ahead of time
rather than 10 years. As one of your organization's key message
makers, you must understand not only what makes your leader tick,
but how he or she can integrate into your organization. Below is a
blueprint for you and your CEO, compliments of Lukaszewski: