15 Reasons to Be Thankful for Working in PR

thanksThanksgiving ranks as many people's favorite holidays because of its no-fuss, inclusive atmosphere. Taking part in the celebration doesn't require adherence to any creed—all it takes is a desire to be grateful for being alive and, ideally, some culinary skills. Although it has recently taken on a more commercial meaning for some people, the celebration is intended to be a time to spend with family and friends relaxing, eating and, of course, giving thanks.

Working in public relations can sometimes be a thankless job. Deadlines, needy clients and constant change make PR one of the most stressful professions, ranking among the likes of military commanders and airline pilots.

But it's certainly not all bad. There is much to be thankful for about working in PR. With that in mind, we queried our audience on Twitter to see what they are most thankful for about their jobs in PR. Here are some of our favorite responses:

  • I'm thankful that I work in PR because I love telling stories. - @ohaydom
  • Because I get to learn something totally new almost every day. - @Andrew_Flick
  • Every day is different. I'm never bored. - @ProfNichols
  • Through my work I can directly see clients benefit from my efforts. - @MMAAdvertising
  • I'm thankful I work in PR because I can express my creativity. - @AshmeeTinaSingh
  • Because seeing a press kit or event come together is a beautiful thing. - @SAndrews_PR
  • I never would have had the chance to publicize for people I watched on TV, movies, music and theater. - @TalkerNewYorker
  • I become a genius in my clients' industries. - @GabriellaPRGirl
  • I get to use my creativity to build brands. I love seeing the result. - @kaylathegr8_
  • I use my skills (and passions) to directly improve the businesses of others. - @ytekmen
  • I'm always busy and am able to be creative on a daily basis. - @rosie_izzi
  • Because I use my journalism background to be a better advocate and make my stories/pitches better. - @mwwhittle
  • Because the support system from others in the industry is so incredible. - @PRgirlmaggie
  • I am thankful I work in PR because I get to be the amplifier for causes I truly believe in. - @Mr_Pounders
  • Because of how many unique and interesting professionals and clients I meet on a daily basis. - @SabrinaDSkiles

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