Tech Timesaver

Steve O'Keeffe, founder of O'Keeffe & Co., an advertising, PR and marketing firm, expands his horizons with a new venture, PRSourceCode, bringing together technology
journalists and PR pros. PRSourceCode's first offering, Edit Forum, provides high-tech communications pros access to more than 150 editorial calendars from trade pubs in 13
technology categories. Although many of the editorial calendars are available elsewhere, Edit Forum supplements them with information on writers assigned to specific features,
story angles and deadlines. Tracking that information on a story-by-story basis is costing technology agencies close to $268 million, according to O'Keeffe - not to mention
wasting editors' time. The Forum will also allow journalists to publish source requests on specific technology topics (a la Profnet). The Edit Forum is priced at $3,000 per
category per quarter. Volume discounts apply, and the first 100 subscribers will receive a $1,000 discount per category. For more information, contact Megan Obrist, 703/883-9000
ext. 124.