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PepsiCo’s Big Gulp: ‘Team, Great Q4! 8,700 of You Have to Go’

Companies often claim that their greatest asset is their employees. PepsiCo is sending the opposite message with its Feb. 9 announcement that it is cutting 8,700 jobs globally and increasing its investment in advertising and … | MORE »

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An Opportunity for Pinkberry to Do Good

Try to imagine worst-case scenarios for a corporate communications team—a company’s co-founder being arrested for beating a homeless man with a tire iron would likely rank somewhere near the top of the list. That’s the … | MORE »

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Carnival Crash Needs an Industry Response

Some crises are bad news for an entire industry, not just for the unfortunate company that is directly affected by a natural disaster, accident or act of malfeasance. Such is the case with Carnival Corp.’s … | MORE »

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