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Before You Ping that Press Release, Check the ‘B.S. Generator’

Yes, press releases often suffer from flowery writing and an overabundance of industry jargon. With practice, PR pros can overcome such obstacles. But there’s no excuse for failing to insert any hyperlinks in your press releases, according to Ben Lincoln, writing director at GolinHarris, who adds that press releases should be treated like a “mini website. | MORE »

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Twitter Provides Another Excuse for PR Pros to Ramp Up Visual Storytelling

This was inevitable. Twitter has added photo and video items that users see when they log onto the social network from the Web or a mobile device. The move comes just ahead of Twitter’s I.P.O next week, as the company looks to feature more multimedia elements and expand its appeal among consumers.
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Want to Build Trust for Your Brand? Deliver on Your Promises

Building brand reputation has always been a top priority for PR and marketing communications executives. But in our multichannel communications world it has become increasingly important. Customers can communicate their experience with your brand immediately, to a potential audience of millions. | MORE »

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Firing of NSA Twitter User Underscores Need for Employee Social Media Policies

When National Security Council Director of Nonproliferation Jofi Joseph was fired last week by the White House for sending insulting tweets for more than two years under an anonymous personal account, it raised anew the … | MORE »

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Amazon Press Release New Twist for Twitter

Amazon last week distributed a press release for its new Kindle reader in a series of 14 separate tweets, each plugging a different aspect of the new product. Sure, it’s innovative. But is it valuable for PR? | MORE »

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Weiner Returns to Twitter: Some Tips For Him (And Other Rehabbing Brands)

Anthony Weiner is back on Twitter. Here are tips for the “Weiner brand” as it wades back back in—some of which apply to any tainted brand. | MORE »

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Another Hacked Twitter Account, Another Warning for PR execs

Dow’s plunge following a bogus tweet on AP handle about the president is a reminder that PR execs have to be vigilant in protecting their Twitter handles.  | MORE »

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8 Best Practices for PR Management of the Top 3 Social Platforms

Your Twitter followers are most engaged during business hours. And dinner time, too. But if you want to get more people to “like” your Facebook page, it’s best to post content at night, when Facebook … | MORE »

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Hashtags on Facebook? PR News Followers Say #notagreatidea

Word has it that Facebook is looking to add a Twitter icon to it’s own pages: the hashtag. When asked about the move, PR News readers seemed #unimpressed. | MORE »

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Twitter’s Vine Could Have a ‘Reel’ Impact on Your PR Program

Adrianna Giuliani of DeVries Global, who is set to present at the PR News Big 3 Digital PR Conference, says the immediacy of Twitter’s Vine video platform makes it a social tool to watch. | MORE »

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