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#myNYPD Campaign Draws the Wrong Kind of Twitter Engagement

The New York Police Department’s disastrous Twitter campaign is a lesson for communicators in understanding public perception. | MORE »

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10 Must-Know Tips for Getting the Message Out on Twitter

Be sure you are getting the most out of Twitter by embracing these key tips. | MORE »

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Top 10 SXSW Hashtags PR Pros Should Follow

You’d like to be in Austin for SXSW, but you don’t have to be to keep up with the latest developments. Here’s a short list of hashtags to stay in the loop. | MORE »

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12 Things to Take Note of in PR Job Candidates

PR News asked followers on Twitter and Facebook, “What’s the first thing you notice about a PR job candidate?” Here is what they had to say. | MORE »

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4 Ways to Channel Your Inner Bao Bao for Your Media Strategy

You don’t need to have a panda cub to follow the National Zoo’s media strategy. Here are some tips to follow to increase brand exposure. | MORE »

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PR Insider: Taming Twitter to Make it Work for You

Here are a few examples of how one can develop an effective and sustainable strategy for Twitter that reaches beyond the noise.  | MORE »

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LinkedIn Recruitment Program Shaping Up As New Channel for PR Pros

The U.S. jobless rate fell to 7%, from 7.3%, in November. And while the economy is still facing some strong headwinds, employers’ confidence seems to be on the upswing. Now, just like a Swiss watch, comes word of a new recruitment tool from social network LinkedIn, designed to track when people move jobs, where they go and what skills they have. It could be another vehicle for communicators who want to strengthen their bench. | MORE »

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Twitter Flip-Flop on Block Feature Raises Questions for Communicators

Twitter on Thursday reversed course on a change to its “block” feature following negative reaction from users. The move is a potent reminder for PR pros to listen carefully to their audiences and customers. In a digital age, decision making by corporate fiat increasingly seems like a losing proposition.
 | MORE »

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Paid Media in PR’s Future: Here’s How Twitter’s New Ad Program Further Blurs the Lines

Twitter shares soared to $49 on Monday, up 9% to their highest level since the social blogging network went public in early November. The spike in share price comes just a few days after Twitter rolled out a new ad program. The move gives PR pros yet another excuse to condition themselves to paid media programs.
 | MORE »

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Communicators Can’t Get Tripped Up by Twitter Chat

When your company opens up a public Twitter Q&A, first ask if it’s really a good idea, and then insure your communicators are ready to field any questions or comments — especially the negative comments that may be hurled in from left field. | MORE »

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