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Netflix: Who Am I? Why Am I Here?

After another round of bad news, Netflix seems to be switching gears once again, and is perhaps sending a message to customers and investors that it is unsure of its own identity. On Oct. 24, … | MORE »

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Keeping in Step With Chipotle, McDonald’s Says it Cares Too

Possibly taking a page out of Chipotle’s playbook, McDonalds has decided to ramp up its corporate responsibility efforts in regards to the humane treatment of animals within its supply chain. On Feb. 13, McDonald’s announced … | MORE »

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Bad News for Taco Bell as It Feels Heat From Chipotle

Taco Bell’s got a clear-cut messaging assignment: convincing customers that its food is safe to eat after Food Safety News identified the fast food chain as the mystery restaurant responsible for a salmonella outbreak across … | MORE »

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