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Would You Like Ice Cream with Your Omelette? How to Surprise, Delight and Build Loyalty

Even the most beloved brands shouldn’t assume they are good to go with their customers, who are just a click or step away from turning their attention to your competitor. | MORE »

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A World Without Twitter?

PR News’ millennial advisory board members were pretty emphatic when they told us Twitter is the social networking platform they use the most in their work lives. Nothing else comes close. These dozen or so PR pros at b2c and b2b companies, nonprofits and agencies rely mostly on Twitter to communicate brand messages on social […] | MORE »

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How PR Can Strengthen Its Bond With Marketing

As C-level managers demand more accountability from their PR departments, communicators increasingly are trying to take their lead from marketing when it comes to measuring activity and demonstrating value. But the arc of media consumption is bending toward PR. If they’re to succeed in the future, both need to work together. | MORE »

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How Can PR Pros Build a Digital Business With 2020 in Mind?

Throughout the next five years, PR managers will also need to empower their staffs so that managers focus more on corporate goals and objectives. | MORE »

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Colonel Sanders is Back and He’s Spreading

The new KFC ads featuring Darrell Hammond as Colonel Sanders are good PR, touching many of the points PR and communications pros have been espousing in PR News and at prnewsonline.com to keep brands, especially older ones, relevant. | MORE »

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PR Lessons from David Letterman

It’s the end of an era. Early Thursday morning David Letterman signs off as host of CBS’ “Late Show” after a 33-year-run on late night TV  (including 10 years as host of “Late Night With David Letterman” on NBC). Whether introducing America to “Stupid Pet Tricks,” swimming in a large vat of breakfast cereal or […] | MORE »

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Ten Lines from Mad Men You (Hopefully) Won’t Be Hearing at Work Today

The series finale of ‘Mad Men’ left it up to us to decide if Don Draper took on a new, third identity or whether California bliss and an inspired retreat experience led him back to the advertising life and to create the iconic “I’d Like to Buy the World a Coke” commercial.” After 92 hours […] | MORE »

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A Recipe for McDonald’s’ Image Problems: You Should Want Fries With That

“Know Thyself” —inscribed on the forecourt of the Temple of Apollo at Delphi *** In 1967, in what seemed like a far less-complicated time, a McDonald’s TV commercial, borrowing the tune from “Down by the Riverside,” claimed its burger restaurants were “my kind of place, a hap, hap, happy place, a clean and snappy place.” […] | MORE »

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A Plain Truth About the Media Ecosystem

There are so many sources of news media now and so many ways to get the news, it’s difficult to determine which outlets and journalists have the most influence. Also, social media has leveled the playing field, and traditional media brands don’t matter as much now. So you’ve been led to believe—or want to believe. […] | MORE »

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PR Agency Pros and the Cure for In-House Anxiety

In-house PR practitioners don’t have it easy, in general. Sometimes they have to deal with a lack of understanding and appreciation for the work they do. (Did I say sometimes?) Sometimes they get recognized internally only when something goes wrong that needs to get fixed, now. Sometimes they’re asked to wear so many hats and […] | MORE »

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