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Microsoft’s New Employee-Relations Initiative: Dump ‘Stack Ranking’

How management reviews and assesses the performance of its employees can have a major impact on morale within a company, the image it projects to the public, and its brand value.

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Digging Deeper on PR Campaign Performance

My previous two articles set the stage for developing a successful tracking program. We begin by defining objectives and establishing tracking mechanisms to ensure proper data collection.

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The Surprising Ways PR Compensation Is Not Keeping Up With Emerging Skillsets

PR pros now spend a lot of their time navigating the social media terrain. They post tweets, distribute pictures on Instagram and create six-second video clips for Vine. Whew. While those skills certainly hold value for communicators, they may not be the essential element for career advancement.

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5 Tips to Get Started With ‘Big Data’

With the demand for data scientists high, PR pros must think about how to leverage Big Data.

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