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McWhopper PR Stunt Gives Burger King a Boost

Burger King’s proposal to McDonald’s to get together and make a McWhopper proved to be a clever bit of PR, even if McDonald’s didn’t take the bait.  | MORE »

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Snapchat Shows (Again) Why Brands Need to Be On Its Platform

The Snapchat social media platform has grown to become a major player in the content distribution game.  | MORE »

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5 C’s of an Effective Crisis Communications Team Member

The most effective crisis team is one that has been chosen in advance based on a collection of behaviors and expertise exhibited by members of your organization.  | MORE »

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McDonald’s Open Mouth, Inserts Clown Foot (Again)

McDonald’s stumbled badly in its employee communications again, and unfortunately for Mayor McCheese and his cohorts their internal communications have become external. This time, the fast food giant apparently issued guidelines on thrifty living, which has been exposed by advocacy group Low Pay Is Not Okay.  | MORE »

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McDonald’s Makes Point of Repairing Its Service Issues in Public

The solution McDonald’s crafted to its customer service problem is a great example of effective communications. | MORE »

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Burger King Shows PR Sizzle in Launching Lower-Fat French Fry

By launching a lower-fat fry, Burger King is hoping to take a bigger bite out of the fast-food market. Regardless of how things shake out, however, Burger King has a new message for consumers. | MORE »

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