Tackling the IT Project: A Communications Checklist

Being the lead communicator on a complex IT-based project requires some project management basics. Here’s a checklist from Bob Meiers of Miller Meiers Design for Communications, which led the work on H&R Block’s Get It Right Web site:

1. Document everything. During the strategy, discovery, development, launch and post-launch phases, write everything down. Document the entire project, any updates and process. Keep it all up-to-date so you can quickly refer to the historical context of a decision or project requirement.

2. Make it visual. Provide visual designs to support functional requirements and documentation. Skip the 50-page requirements document; take an in-person meeting to give project stakeholders images that will be much easier to digest and understand.

3. Report progress and changes. Establish baseline metrics prior to launching an upgrade or new application. The ability to report on change using statistics will clearly impress internal and external stakeholders.

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