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The Boston Red Sox may have rocked Beantown last year by winning their first World Series since 1918 but more than a few Bostonians must have just tuned it all out. That's one conclusion we can draw from a look at the top markets for concerts (of a few varieties), followed by the top newspaper read in each market. Although the south is considered a bastion for country-music lovers (and it is), Kansas City, Mo., had the biggest concentration of people who attended a country music show. For the more rarefied air of the opera or symphony, the nation's capital is the top market, followed by the music-loving Twin Cities, Denver and Baltimore. In addition to the top markets where people attend concerts, et al., we take a look at the places where rock-concert goers purchase their music CDs, DVDs and the fast- disappearing videotape. In a testament to the touch-and-feel of product that people still apparently need when purchasing media products, Blockbuster and Best Buy rank one and two, respectively, but is in the third slot (a testament to Jeff Bezos' tenacity). Tower Records and Sam Goody outlets, all the rage for music buyers in the Eighties and Nineties, are on a serious downswing. ATTENDED ROCK CONCERT PAST YEAR Profile ranked by percentage of target. % of Target (Comp) Target Persons Blockbuster Video for music/videos (yr) 37% 9,647,720 Best Buy for music/videos (yr) 35% 9,140,115 for music/videos (yr) 14% 3,536,435 Circuit City for music/videos (yr) 12% 3,238,740 Hollywood Video for music/videos (yr) 12% 3,012,250 Tower Records for music/videos (yr) 10% 2,555,710 Sam Goody for music/videos (yr) 7% 1,914,690 Wherehouse Music for music/videos (yr) 7% 1,849,315 Borders Books & Music for music/videos (yr) 6% 1,584,165 FYE for music/videos (yr) 4% 1,011,190 Movie Gallery for music/videos (yr) 3% 756,390 ATTENDED PAST 12 MONTHS--COUNTRY MUSIC CONCERT Top Markets Total Adult Population Target Adults Surveyed Top Newspaper Total Adult Readership Total Target Readership KNOXVILLE, TN 544,000 84,000 KNOXVILLE NEWS-SENTINEL 314,200 50,600 NASHVILLE, TN 959,000 136,000 TENNESSEAN 494,600 74,700 LEXINGTON, KY 382,000 52,000 LEXINGTON HERALD-LEADER 242,200 32,500 BOISE, ID 332,000 44,000 IDAHO STATESMAN 165,000 24,400 KANSAS CITY, MO/KS 1,315,000 157,000 KANSAS CITY STAR 707,900 96,200 AUSTIN, TX 1,017,000 118,000 AUSTIN AMERICAN-STATESMAN 541,400 74,000 SAN ANTONIO, TX 1,286,000 149,000 SAN ANTONIO EXPRESS NEWS 696,500 83,500 OKLAHOMA CITY, OK 819,000 88,000 DAILY OKLAHOMAN 417,200 61,400 SALT LAKE CITY, UT 1,232,000 131,000 SALT LAKE TRIBUNE 345,700 32,700 LAS VEGAS, NV 1,165,000 120,000 LAS VEGAS REVIEW JOURNAL 503,500 56,800 ATTENDED PAST 12 MONTHS--OPERA/SYMPHONY/THEATER Top Markets Total Adult Population Target Adults Surveyed Top Newspaper Total Adult Readership Total Target Readership WASHINGTON, DC 3,544,000 1,415,000 WASHINGTON POST 2.227800 1,077,000 ANN ARBOR, MI 260,000 103,000 ANN ARBOR OBSERVER 116,100 614,00 SALT LAKE CITY, UT 1,232,000 486,000 SALT LAKE TRIBUNE 345,700 1,607,00 BUFFALO, NY 875,000 340,000 BUFFALO NEWS 585,300 237,100 MINNEAPOLIS- ST. PAUL, MN 2,244,000 877,000 STAR TRIBUNE 1,052,900 419,200 DES MOINES, IA 411,000 156,000 DES MOINES REGISTER 273,800 114,300 BALTIMORE, MD 1,959,000 716,000 BALTIMORE SUN 981,800 430,100 EUGENE-SPRINGFIELD, OR 257,000 94,000 REGISTER-GUARD 169,200 65,100 DENVER, CO 1,897,000 687,000 DENVER POST 647,600 304,000 FORT MYERS-NAPLES, FL 615,000 222,000 FORT MYERS NEWS PRESS 220,600 71,800 ATTENDED PAST 12 MONTHS--COUNTRY MUSIC CONCERT Top Markets Total Adult Population Target Adults Surveyed Top Newspaper Total Adult Readership Total Target Readership BOISE, ID 332,000 98,000 IDAHO STATESMAN 165,000 54,900 DENVER, CO 1,897,000 532,00 WESTWORD 456,300 208,500 MADISON, WI 397,000 105,000 ST JOURNAL 239,700 68,500 BOSTON, MA 3,969,000 1,039,000 BOSTON GLOBE 1,461,900 441,500 COLUMBUS, OH 1,212,000 318,000 COLUMBUS DISPATCH 665,400 191,700 MINNEAPOLIS- ST. PAUL, MN 2,244,000 587,000 STAR TRIBUNE 1,052,900 220,400 ALBANY-SCHENECTADY- TROY, NY 665,000 169,000 TIMES UNION 278,900 87,700 INDIANAPOLIS, IN 1,113,000 280,000 INDIANAPOLIS STAR 612,500 164,400 ROCHESTER, NY 817,000 205,000 DEMOCRAT & CHRONICLE 480,900 123,600 LAS VEGAS, NV 1,165,000 287,000 PENNYSAVER 3,840,300 829,800 Source: Medialink Demographic Intelligence, Scarborough USA+, Release 1 2004 12 Source: Delahaye

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