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With the football season in full swing we thought it would be useful to provide some media stats related to the gridiron, which seems to have fully eclipsed Major League Baseball as the national pastime. But football ratings on TV and the radio can be deceiving as to which are the best markets to bet on with a PR campaign, sponsorship et al. "When are the 'top ten' markets not the top ten markets? When 'top ten' refers to college and professional football television and radio exposure, that's when," says Mark Weiner, CEO of media research and analysis firm Delahaye Medialink Worldwide. While the top three population markets (N.Y., Chicago, L.A.) reach millions and millions of households via TV and radio, "when we look at newspaper readership, markets such as Knoxville, Tenn.; Columbus, Ohio; and Oklahoma City, Okla., reach almost 50% of the entire populations of these cities." (The top ten traditional markets reach roughly one-third that of the smaller but more football-ravenous markets mentioned here.) Weiner adds that the PR challenge is to find ways to insert publicity placements within the semi-controlled environment of a football game broadcast. "But if you know who you're targeting and the media that they read, watch and listen to, the creative public relations professional is more than half way there." The TOP 10 MARKETS FOR NEWSPAPERS READ BY AUDIENCES WHO FOLLOW FOOTBALL ON TV AND RADIO Top Markets Top Newspaper Total Adult Readership Total Target Readership MADISON, WI Journal Times 268,700 226,700 OKLAHOMA CITY, OK Daily Oklahoman 417,200 344,000 NEW ORLEANS, LA Times Picayune 634,700 508,900 DES MOINES, IA Des Moines Regter 273,800 215,900 KANSAS CITY, MO/KS Kansas City Star 707,900 556,100 OMAHA-COUNCIL BLUFFS, NE/IA Omaha World-Herald 328,200 253,500 COLUMBUS, OH Columbus Dpatch 665,400 543,700 NASHVILLE, TN Tennessean 494,600 410,400 JACKSONVILLE, FL Times Union 461,100 352,400 MILWAUKEE-RACINE, WI Milwaukee Journal 683,000 580,20 Source: Survey Research, Delahaye Medialink THE TOP METRO AREAS WHERE PEOPLE LISTEN TO FOOTBALL ON RADIO RANKED BY TARGET POP TARGET POP WHO LISTENS TO FOOTBALL 1 LOS ANGELES METRO AREA 699,095 2 NEW YORK METRO AREA 689,760 3 CHICAGO METRO AREA 509,090 4 SEATTLE/TACOMA METRO AREA 499,230 5 SAN FRANCISCO METRO AREA 404,405 6 MINNEAPOL/ST.PAUL METRO AREA 396,055 7 ATLANTA METRO AREA 384,980 8 DALLAS/FORT WORTH METRO AREA 356,065 9 PHILADELPHIA METRO AREA 346,585 10 DETROIT METRO AREA 337,350 SOURCE: MEDIALINK DEMOGRAPHIC INTELLIGENCE/SCARBOROUGH RESEARCH, SCARBOROUGH USA The Top Metro Areas where people watch football on TV (broadcast and cable) Target pop who watch football 1 New York Metro Area 6,248,545 2 Los Angeles Metro Area 4,371,025 3 Chicago Metro Area(excl.Kenosha) 3,693,290 4 San Francisco Metro Area (excl.Solano) 2,880,150 5 Philadelphia Metro Area 2,455,430 6 Dallas/Fort Worth Metro Area 2,324,890 7 Washington, D.C. Metro Area 2,312,640 8 Boston Metro Area 2,137,940 9 Atlanta Metro Area 1,979,670 10 Detroit Metro Area 1,979,485 Source: Medialink Demographic Intelligence/Scarborough Research, Scarborough USA

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