600 Community Drive Manhasset, NY 11030 516/562-5000 Last fall, on the infamous day Industry Standard folded, Brian Gillooly was the center of media attention. Why? Because the enterprising editor-in-chief of Information Week was launching a brand new technology pub just as the industry bible fell. CNBC, CNN, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today and The New York Times Online all positioned Gillooly and the new pub, Optimize, as the next wave for technology media. Gillooly isn't sure he agrees with that characterization, but he appreciated the publicity. "It paid off well for us," he says. Optimize, a monthly publication, now reaches 70,000 C-level technology executives, including CIOs, CTOs, VPs of IS and technology-oriented CXOs. Each issue of Optimize features six stories, written by thought leaders in the industry, and focused on how technology executives can bridge the gap between techies and the business world. As such, Gillooly considers the editorial content of CIO Insight to be his closest competition. "Optimize is providing the tech folks with business skills - all the things that round out their job and make them a more critical and integral part of the business," he says. Content/Contacts The six stories in each issue are written by experts in the subject matter, and each contains a critical ingredient that sets Optimize apart: a 90-day, action-oriented plan that details how the reader should implement the strategies laid out in the article over the next 90 days. "Traditionally, CIOs think in 12- to 18-month cycles," Gillooly says. "More and more, they're invited to the mahogany table, and they have to think in quarters." Contact Gillooly to brainstorm an idea for your executive to examine in an article. He works out of his home office and is open to phone calls or email pitches: 703/266-1537, But if you have a story ready for press, contact Karyl Scott,, 650/513- 4410; or Paula Klein,, 516/562-7751. Pitch Tips Gillooly says the media relations professionals who contact him have almost always done their homework. He recommends perusing the magazine's Web site,, in the About Us/FAQs section for a better understanding of how to structure a pitch for a story written by one of your executives. His one peeve is PR pros who call to tell him, "My company's technology optimizes XYZ." Gillooly's response: "Doesn't every technology optimize something?" Instead, pitch him a story on unique business strategies your company has executed. Strategies your technology department is just beginning to implement won't work; the magazine wants to provide readers with concrete results. Comments Deadlines for the monthly are about a month before the issue date, and Gillooly says he needs copy six weeks ahead of time. Close date for the November issue is Oct. 11. His tips for working with the pub once you've landed an article: Supply appropriate charts and graphics when you file the article, and also offer a photo of the author at the time of submission. The November issue is fairly well-planned at this point, but there are plenty of opportunities in the months to come. In the December issue, Gillooly and team will profile before-and-after success stories in turning around a company's business agility. For more information on his challenge to readers to submit their success stories, see The January issue will focus on business process management; the February issue will cover growth and business value; and the March issue will cover customer centricity. For a more detailed editorial calendar, check out the Web site.

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