Subaru Bungles with Bunny

What Subaru ad execs thought would tug at the heartstrings of consumers has created a storm of problem PR from animal rights groups. The offending ad is a new spot depicting a
mother and daughter driving through the woods (in a Subaru Forester, naturally) and releasing a boxed bunny after seeing a wild rabbit run across the path. Animal rights activists
say the seemingly loving act is nothing short of animal cruelty, as a domesticated rabbit would never survive the perils of life in the wild. Subaru is changing the ads, which
were created by Interpublic Group of Cos.' Temerlin McClain. According to AdAge, Subaru VP of Marketing Mark Darling sent a form letter saying the spot was intended to depict the
release of a wild rabbit and in no way condones the release of house bunnies into the wild.