Study Shows Differences in How the Sexes Consume Online/Network Video

According to a recent Nielsen study, men and women consume online video differently. Following are some of those findings:

Per Nielsen’s data for December 2007, Women lead online network TV viewing, whereas men are drawn to consumer-generated media:
Also Video streams at broadcast network TV websites were nearly two times more likely to be viewed by women age 18-34 than men; those demos accounted for 22% and 12% of streams, respectively.For the top four CGM websites, streams were two-and-a-half times more likely to be viewed by men 18-34 than women; those demos accounted for 27% and 11% of streams, respectively.

Among network TV websites, there was relatively low viewer overlap. Also among CGM websites, most viewers watched video content on YouTube.
“Network websites are destinations for fans to deepen their experience - they go to see favorite scenes, episodes and outtakes. These viewers are very loyal and engaged and the Web site is a place to become immersed in the program,” said Michael Pond, media analyst, Nielsen Online. “With shorter clips and a viral nature, CGM websites are much more about discovery, and consumers are likely to view content on more than one.”

At CGM websites, the most popular time for viewing was during late night hours on the weekend, between 11 p.m. and 6 a.m.
“Primetime visitors to network websites primarily enhance their TV viewing experience with features like online voting, web-only promotions and other program specific content, although there is some interest in streaming network content during the evening as well,” Pond said.

The No. 1 video site in December was YouTube, with 2.6 billion streams during the month, followed by Yahoo with 371.9 million streams and Fox Interactive Media with 364.1 million streams.
116.7 million unique viewers, or 73% of active web users, watched approximately 6.2 billion video streams in December 2007.
On average, each viewer spent nearly two hours and 10 minutes watching online video content in December.
Each viewer on average watched nearly 54 video streams during the month.

Source: Nielsen Online