Note to PR Pros: The 65-and-Older Set is the Fastest-Growing Social Media Demographic

As goes the graying of America, so, too goes social networks. A recent Pew study shows that the demographics of social media users are changing quickly and getting older.

The number of users has risen to 72%, up 5% from last year, and 64% since Pew began tracking users in 2005.

One of the more salient stats in the study: 43% of respondents, ages 65 or older, said they are now using social media. That's nearly one-third higher than in 2009, making this demographic the fastest growing user-base within social channels.

This is important for PR pros to consider, given that most social media communications strategies generally target the 18-29 demographic. Granted, 89% respondents between the ages of 18-29 do use social media; however, engagement is strong across every demographic.

Source: Pew Internet

The message for communicators is clear: One, if you aren’t leveraging social media by now then you are missing an opportunity to reach a large and growing audience. Two, the social media audience is expanding across all demographics, and the  trend must play into your content strategy within each network. Don’t assume that young adults are your primary audience, because they may not be.

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