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Elizabeth Ballard
Vice President

Company Description:

Founded in 1984 by Albert J. Barr, CARMA International pioneered and commercialized media content analysis in the United States and is recognized worldwide as a leader in the field. We've worked with hundreds of clients, spanning every sector of business. Using expert research teams, we provide customized analysis that captures the nuances of all forms of media coverage – tone, bias, sarcasm, context – that fully automated computer-based systems often miss. Combining human-based research expertise with innovative technology, CARMA's traditional and social media measurement programs enable our clients to successfully evaluate overall media image, brand recognition, message penetration, competitive positioning, areas of strength and weakness and much more. Our data, coupled with insightful analysis, provides the framework for the development of strategically sound and effective communications strategy.

New Offerings:

CARMA Connect is a new service provided by CARMA International to link media outputs with any number of behavioral objectives including business outcomes. CARMA Connect helps to move beyond the anecdotal and intuition, toward data-driven decision making. Linking media outputs to outcomes helps organizations fine tune efforts to become more efficient and effective. Communications professionals can benefit from CARMA Connect as a stand-alone service, or together with a customized CARMA media analysis program. Smarter data helps make smarter decisions. Learn more about CARMA Connect and linking media performance to outcomes under our brochures page at

Two Tips:

  1. Make media measurement more than a scorecard. It should be used as tool for learning and managing performance. Measurement for the sake of measurement is not useful unless there are actions taken to improve results, both outputs and outcomes. Use analysis to guide your actions. Measure, learn, implement, and improve!
  2. Use correlation methods to link media outputs to business outcomes. It’s a simple, cost effective, and statistically sound way to help your organization move beyond the anecdotal with data-driven intelligence the C-suite will get behind.