Nicole Jordan
CEO & Founder
Radix Collective
Editor-in-Chief, Entreproducer

Nicole Jordan is a marketing and communications professional with 14 years' experience in the line of fire. Having started her career in Silicon Valley during the boom, she has in-depth experience launching and maintaining communications and marketing programs for companies that play in the space where digital media, the Web and consumer products converge. She's been on all sides of the table, logging eight years at top-tier PR agencies, running her own consultancy and running communications programs from the inside.

The majority of her career has been focused on defining and building PR and communications programs for technology-focused businesses. Her expertise spans content marketing, mesh networking, consumer electronics, e-commerce, standards organizations, mobile content, venture capital, consumer behavior, Internet advertising, social networking and entertainment. She's worked with all shapes and sizes of companies, including Apple, CNET,, HP, Clearstone Venture Partners, the Rubicon Project, and Webshots.