John Friedman, CSR-P
Senior Director of PR, Sodexo Inc. and
Co-founder, Sustainable Business Network of Washington (SB NOW)

John Friedman, CSR-P, is a globally certified CSR professional has more than 20 years' experience in internal and external communications and a decade in the area of corporate responsibility and sustainability. His background includes developing and implementing effective and award-winning programs that maximize stakeholder engagement, community relations, organizational development, change management, and strategic philanthropy. John's insights on sustainability, strategy and current events are a regular feature on Sustainable Life Media. In 2010 he was recognized by Fast Company's Brandfog blog as a thought leader in CSR and he was named one of the top voices in CSR on Twitter by Emotional Intelligence Branding.

John authored "The New PR" outlining how companies must modify the way they communicate to meet stakeholders' changing expectations and has provided several chapters appearing in the most current issues of PR News' "Best Practices in Corporate Social Responsibility and Green PR."

He is also a cofounder and serves on the board of directors for the Sustainable Business Network of Washington (SB NOW).