Steve Tuttle
VP of Communications & Co-Founder
TASER International

Steve Tuttle is one of six founding members of TASER International and the second longest team member at TASER. Steve began his career at TASER International as the director of government Affairs in 1994 and was responsible for law enforcement and government relations as well as lobbying efforts at the federal, state, and local levels. As the VP of communications & government affairs he serves as the company spokesman and oversees public affairs and crisis management. His extensive experience in media relations includes more than 1,500 media interviews in TASER’s peak year of crisis issues in 2005. He also reviews and collects risk management field statistics for TASER technology and is a court recognized expert in TASER technology and in TASER ECD risk management, having testified in U.S. Federal Courts, various state courts and in Canadian court.

Prior to joining TASER, Steve was a senior management analyst with the Bradson Corp., a defense contractor in Arlington, Va., responsible for foreign military sales of the U.S. Navy’s Torpedo MK 46 program to the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force. He served for three years on Capitol Hill as a legislative assistant to Sen. Slade Gorton (R-Wash.), responsible for legislative activities and correspondence with the U.S. Senate Commerce, Science & Transportation Committee. He also worked for two years in the research & policy analysis department for the National Cable & Telecommunications Association.