Soup To Nuts, Solid CSR Strategies Enhance PR’s Profile — And Then Some

It's been said until PR practitioners are blue in the face: Corporate social responsibility (CSR) has graduated from a "nice-to-do" addendum to the portfolio to an integral
"must-do" part of every PR department, from behemoth corporate operations to three-man shows. But like psychologist Abraham Maslow's steps to self-actualization, incorporating CSR
into the overall business strategy must be done in stages to be effective and fully integrated. The first stage is admitting your PR department has a problem - that is, the lack
of a CSR plan. The second - which was addressed in PR News' November 16 "ROI on CSR" webinar with Peggy Connolly (communications director for the Center for Corporate
at Boston College), Guy Smith (EVP of Diageo) and Mary Wong (director of community relations, Office Depot) - is beginning to develop an
effective program from the ground up.