Songs in the Key of Social Media

Exclusive study conducted by Simply Measured tracks the top keywords among some of the major social media influencers. Crafting content that plays into the conversation.

Influencing the Online Influencers: Sure, reporters and media reps covering your market and competitors can play a huge role in helping communicators get their messages out. But in a social media age, online influencers are starting to encroach on the power that was formerly the domain of reporters et al.

PR News asked social media analytics company Simply Measured to take a snapshot of the top keywords trafficked by social media influencers. The study was conducted in February and March. Out of nearly 93,000 posts, the keyword “social” came out on top, followed by derivations of “social media.” The terms “content” and “blogs,” all the rage on the Web, were also prominent (as was the term “10,” to give you an indication of the relentless popualrity of online lists).

“As a brand strategist or PR pro, [the keywords below] presents two unique opportunities,” said Kevin Shively, senior marketing manager at Simply Measured. “Identifying topics that are resonating with their large audiences, but also identifying themes that these influencers are engaging with so you can proactively create campaign content and reach out to them.”

Source: Simply Measured

chart 1

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