Social-Media Users Conflicted Over Brands Listening In

Study Indicates Users Split on Whether Brands Should Listen In on Social Media: The public appears to want it both ways when it comes to brands listening in on its social conversations, according to study released in February by NetBase.

While 51% of consumers want to talk about companies without being listened to, 58% want companies to respond to their complaints shared on social media.

Specifically, the NetBase survey found:

  • 32% of consumers of all ages and 38% of Millennials (18-24-year-olds) had no idea that companies were listening to what they said on social media.

  • 43% of consumers thought listening online intrudes on privacy. Boomers put up the biggest fight (36% said they don’t want brands listening to what they say online), while only 17% of Millennials said the same.

  • At least 20% of each age group (and 25% of 18-24-year-olds) don’t yet know how they feel about brands listening.

  • Nevertheless, 48% said companies should listen to improve products and nearly 58% wanted companies to respond to complaints. PRN

Source: NetBase

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