Social Media or Bust

A new study finds a link between the level of social media actions and the number of social media followers. But there are exceptions.

As the winter travel season kicks into high gear, a growing number of consumers will scour the most popular travel destinations to find the best deals. Brand managers and PR pros can learn from the types of content certain verticals run—and which brands in a particular sector are winning the battle for eyeballs.

In an exclusive study for PR News, conducted by Shareablee, Disneyland garnered the most social media fans, followed by Walt Disney World and Six Flags. The level of consumer engagement most likely is a function of the volume of actions that brands take via their social channels, and, on that account, the Disney brand runs a steady stream of content that apparently resonates with stakeholders.

“Overall engagement in the travel industry has grown 35 percent in 2014 compared to 2013, but not all platforms are equal when it comes to the travel consumer: Facebook has declined by 16 percent, Twitter has grown by 190 percent, and Instagram has spiked by 505 percent,” said Tania Yuki, founder and CEO of Shareablee.

She added: “Although tourism brands have experienced declining engagement on Facebook, the platform still owns more than 50 percent of all consumer engagement and is, therefore, a significant player when considering your social marketing mix.” PRN


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