Sidney Falco Would Never Do This for J.J. Hunsecker

Falco, the celluloid press agent, boasts early in the classic
film "Sweet Smell of Success" (1957) that for one of his clients
he'll run the 50-yard dash "with both my legs cut off." It's a safe
bet, though, that Falco, played by Tony Curtis (née Bernie
Schwartz) would be reluctant to do what Neil Simon's publicist Bill
Evans did for the famous playwright: He gave Simon his kidney in a
recent transplant surgery at an undisclosed New York hospital.
Evans, who has been Simon's press agent for many of his Broadway
shows, including "The Dinner Party" and "The Goodbye Girl," is a
longtime friend of "Doc" Simon, 76, who is the author of more than
30 plays. Both men were reportedly doing fine following the