Seven (Mostly Digital) PR Tips To Boost Brand Awareness

Since the web is such a huge presense in all of our lives, naturally increasing your brand awarness is mostly going to involve some online tactics. Below are seven PR efforts that will help increase your existing brand's awareness as found on

1) Focus On Your Newsworthy Attributes

The news hook is an important information trigger that actually interests news editors and reporters, not something contrived or self-serving that you think should interest the media. You’ll have far greater success garnering news coverage if your announcement is based on a proven news hook, rather than being full of puffery and information only of interest to you.

2) Keep Your PR Tool Kit Up-To-Date

The basic tools for being reporter friendly are: well-written news releases, media/press kit (both online and hardcopy), fact sheets and Q&A documents, backgrounders and history documents, bios of key employees, milestone recap and related timeline, photography (high resolution required for print reproduction), and technical documents such as white papers and case studies. The more information you are able to provide an interested reporter, the more likely your encounter will result in thorough, accurate and engaging coverage.

3) Utilize Newswire Services Newswires Effectively

Tturn up the volume on your media announcement. Specialized dissemination services -- such as PR Newswire, Business Wire, PR Web, and PR Leap – can give your news release added exposure to both the media and potential customers searching the Internet for your products or services as the release remains posted online.

4) Become Skilled At E-mail Campaigns

E-mail is, on the whole, the most preferred form of communication for reaching the news media (versus unsolicited phone calls, text messages or podcasts to busy journalists). Where do you get the e-mail addresses? Check the contact section of the media outlet’s website or subscribe to a media contact data source such as Bacon's MediaSource, Burrelles Luce MediaContacts or Bulldog Reporter MediaBase.

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