Send Us Your Best ‘Dot Tchotchkes’

URLs, URLs, URLs. They're on Frisbees, mouse pads, coffee mugs, and even condoms. Condoms? That's right. In the low-taste, lowbrow and lowdown competition for Web mindshare,
companies will slap dotcom address on just about anything that won't slap back. In an upcoming issue of sister publication min magazine we aim to see just how far you'll
go. Our editors will name the top five "Dot Tchotchkes" -- the most imaginative, ballsy or otherwise irritating promotional giveaways the dotcom world has to offer. If your
company has a worthy tchtochke, or you have seen one that merits a nomination, contact Steve Smith, senior editor, min's New Media Report at 302/235-5529 or before Dec. 31.