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Last year, St. Peter’s Medical Center in New Brunswick, N.J., started negotiating with Homecare to expand its existing presence into the home healthcare industry. Its entree into the market had been through homecare nursing services and they were ready …

Turning your CEO and top brass into media savvy spokespeople takes practice, practice and more practice, according to media relations experts. And this practice is best achieved outside of a crisis situation.
“Unfortunately, I’m usually brought in when there’s a …

Many corporations today are relying on outsourcing as much as in-house expertise for their PR efforts, with more than one-fifth of companies operating on external and internal budgets that are $250,000-$500,000, according to a recent survey.
The survey, just released …

There are many days when we hear the evening news and utter a loud prayer to thank God (and anyone else who’s listening) that we’re not on the front lines of a particular crisis.
And, it’s particularly hard when you …

Industry News

September 29th, 1997 by

Edleman Inducted into Arthur Page Society’s Hall of Fame
Daniel J. Edelman, founder and chairman of Edelman Public Relations Worldwide, was inducted Sept. 21 into the Arthur W. Page Society’s Hall of Fame at the society’s annual meeting in New Orleans. …

Membership Jumps 50% to 18,000 Covered Lives
When providers and physicians are the owners of a health plan, the credibility battle has to be fought on two fronts – with consumers and physicians. For Des Moines-based SecureCare of Iowa, the first and …

Firms Designing Annual Reports

September 15th, 1997 by

Belk Mignogna Associates
Phone: 212/684-7060
Clients: Morgan Stanley, Neiman Marcus & Dow Jones
Fernandez Design
Phone: 312/944-7003
Clients: Independent Sector, The National Puerto Rican Forum & Jam Productions Ltd.
The Graphic Expression Inc.
Phone: 212/759-7788
Clients: Harrah’s Entertainment Inc., AOL & Tyco International …