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The New Year in Britain will no doubt be rung in to the tune of mad cows being slaughtered. The British government’s handling of this risk issue on a scale of 1 to 10 would be – a -2? Which is slightly …

Industry Briefs

December 22nd, 1997 by

Company Finds Smart Way To Tout E3 Tradeshow
Plugging a trade show can be a beastly undertaking given that this kind of marketing animal is built around hype.
But we’re giving a small round of kudos to IDG World …

Healthcare PR & Marketing News’s salary survey findings reflect the industry’s continued evolution toward consolidation.
Traditional distinctions between provider and insurers are becoming blurred and job titles and career opportunity continue to reflect the emergence and growth of integrated health networks …

New Hires

AlliedSignal Aerospace, Torrance, Calif., appointed Catherine Tornero communications manager; was associate manager, corporate communications and PR for Baskin-Robbins USA Co., Glendale, Calif. American Council on Exercise (ACE), San Diego, named Jim Winters VP of marketing and PR; was …


December 1st, 1997 by

BBC Television Centre; Wood Lane, London W12 TRJ
Phone: 44 (0) 181-743-8000
Editor’s Note: The BBC is, no contest, one of the toughest outlets to sell on the worth of PR since several execs told us that its reporting is far …


December 1st, 1997 by

Dec. 2: IABC, “Writing for the Wired World,” Washington, D.C., 800/776-4222.
Dec. 7: Software Marketing Journal, “Executive Forum,” Aspen, Colo., 415/546-5585.
Dec. 10: PRSA/NCC International Committee and The National Summit on Africa, “Between Capetown and Cairo: Emerging Communications Opportunities on the …

N.J. Birthing Center Frames Docs

November 27th, 1997 by

To get docs to attend a birthing center grand opening, agency marketers at Aloysius Butler & Clark (ABC) relied on picture-perfect vanity for its JFK Medical Center client in Edison, N.J. At the heart of the Wilmington, Del.-based agency’s …


November 24th, 1997 by

Nov. 30- Dec. 5: Columbia Business School, “Market Analysis for Competitive Advantage,” Harriman or Tarrytown, New York, 800/692-3932.
Nov. 30-Dec. 5: Columbia Business School, “Building and Managing Brand Equity,” Harriman or Tarrytown, New York, 800/692-3932.
Dec. 1: Promotion Marketing Association, “PMA Pre-Wrap Rap: …