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The Air Force Times

January 19th, 1998 by

6883 Commercial Drive
Springfield, Va. 22159
Editor’s Note: Although we found these editors less than enthusiastic, in the interest of fairness we must also say they weren’t snooty. We’re convinced the abruptness we encountered is because they must meet a weekly deadline …

Industry News

January 19th, 1998 by

Whatever!?! Letter From Disney’s Eisner: Worthy of ‘War and Peace’ Honor
Perhaps Walt Disney [DIS] CEO Michael Eisner thought readers would be armed with hankies, but we found his letter for the company’s annual report (we accessed the letter on …

The CEO Credibility Quiz

January 12th, 1998 by

We’re sure that when left alone in their corporate chambers, CEOs have to attach some professional analyses to how their leadership and reputation-management skills stack up – after all, no one’s perfect, right?
So to help you embark on an …

To boost childhood immunization rates in Sacramento, Calif. beyond the state’s 53% norm, Blue Cross of California’s (BCC) developed a multi-level immunization program that led to 62% of its 2-year-olds getting immunized.
The innovative program, launched in 1995, reached thousands of members and …

The Washington Post
1150 15th Street, N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20071-0002
Editor’s note: For a top daily that cranks out some of the country’s most respected and widely read health and medical news, Washington Post editors and writers thrive on …

The New Year in Britain will no doubt be rung in to the tune of mad cows being slaughtered. The British government’s handling of this risk issue on a scale of 1 to 10 would be – a -2? Which is slightly …

Industry Briefs

December 22nd, 1997 by

Company Finds Smart Way To Tout E3 Tradeshow
Plugging a trade show can be a beastly undertaking given that this kind of marketing animal is built around hype.
But we’re giving a small round of kudos to IDG World …

Healthcare PR & Marketing News’s salary survey findings reflect the industry’s continued evolution toward consolidation.
Traditional distinctions between provider and insurers are becoming blurred and job titles and career opportunity continue to reflect the emergence and growth of integrated health networks …

New Hires

AlliedSignal Aerospace, Torrance, Calif., appointed Catherine Tornero communications manager; was associate manager, corporate communications and PR for Baskin-Robbins USA Co., Glendale, Calif. American Council on Exercise (ACE), San Diego, named Jim Winters VP of marketing and PR; was …